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said if you are not for the obama or george bush and you don't like the poor and you are attacking the poor. porpeople are not entitled to have the entire life put on the taxpayer. >> we got to go. -- this mayor is a cowed of sexual loha -- sexually harassing his staff. >> no way that the citizen should be on the hook. the mayor caused the issues and now he is asking for tax dollars to go toward his defense. r your personal economy, helping you readjust along the way, refocus as careers change and kids head off to college, and revisit your investments as retirement gets closer. wherever you are today, fidelity's guidance can help you fine-tune your personal economy. start today with a free one-on-one review of your retirement plan. coming up a politician accused of sexually for over 60,000 california foster children, having necessary school supplies can mean the difference between success and failure. the day i start, i'm already behind. i never know what i'm gonna need. new school, new classes, new kids. it's hard starting over. to help, sleep train is collecting school supplies
's a ronald reagan program and then a george bush program. you call it obama phones. it's intended to help people that are looking for a job that need a phone number that people can call to reach them. if they have a job available. this is the best of america that we encourage people to get jobs. we give them the opportunity to step up. these phones are only, by the way, only valued for about a buck or two before they run out. it's not an endless deal. >> eric: let me say, $2.2 billion. >> it's not tax dollars, eric. >> eric: let me begin gotta wayne, carlos slim, worth $72 billion, second richest man in the world, his company made $450 million off the obamacare phone program? >> let me tell you. obama picked up the phone and called eric holder, eric you remember fast and furious, i got a new program, it's called slow and stupid. [ laughter ] >> and we're doing this one with carlos slim because he was a big donor to our campaign. so we're going to buy the phones from him. by the way, hillary is in on it because she said nobody cares. and lois lerner is going to take the fifth. we don't hav
. this must be fixed. this is a problem that even former president george w. bush was concerned about in his first address to a joint congress. >> earlier today i asked john ashcroft, the attorney general, to develop specific recommendations to end racial profiling. it's wrong and we will end it in america. in so doing we will not hinder the work of our nation's brave police officers. they protect us every day. often at great risk. but by stopping -- [ applause ] but by stopping the abuses of a few, we will add to the public confidence our police officers earn and deserve. >> heeding the president's call for action, michigan congressman john conyers helped sponsor the end racial profiling act back in 2001. the act, though, never made it out of committee. for vote on the house floor. since 2001, congressman conyers has been reintroducing the same bill each and every year. and each and every year, the same thing happens. here he is earlier this week. >> i want to make one thing clear. we were working on the reintroduction before the trayvon martin tragedy. and the george zimmerman acquittal. s
soldiers in the field. wow. also in the "washington post" today, michael gershon, a former george w. bush speech write are says cruz views this as the last stand against obama care, a conservative alamo instead, it would be a little bighorn. cruz bids to become a custer for our time, an actual shutdown of the government the only realistic outcome of his strategy would work for conservatives only if voters blamed it on obama's intransigence. >>> joining us now david corn of mother jones and sam stein with the huffington post. sam, what probably brought this to a head? what finally got people like gershon and krauthammer and others i singled out there over the prairie to say we'd better be careful. if cruz gets control of the opposition here of the republican party, we may be in trouble. >> i think it was the sheer overtness of it. it wasn't as if he was trying to set the stage for a government shutdown. he was sort of actively courting it. and when you're trying to shut down the government, you shouldn't be the one who says let's do it. that's what has convinced republicans this is a stupi
and rowdy extremist groups acting up in any one of variety of countries. they did the same to george bush and sure through the years a number about u.s. presidents. nothing cnges. noing changes. >> not a all. >> nothing ever changes. this is honestly just a ply f this administration to, like i said, dig them out of this hole because fox news and other media outlets hav been wling to blow the lid o this administration and lies they were tlling and honestly, i honestly think, that the work that fox news has done, we will find answer what is happened on benghazi. and this is just a media ploy by this administration to cover their tracks on their past mistakes. neil: iill give tip of the hat to the colonel here because he was a doubting thomas from the very beginning and refused to be silent on the matter. so the good that could have come out of it, colonel,he people at very least attuned to what you warned about. >> that's true, neil. what i hope now doesn't happen is that we don't put our young people, whether they're embassy or our young combatants at unnecessary risk. you know, these peop
have never heard of it. and dana, the white house press secretary under george w. bush. >> i also have a dog. >> i had no idea. by the way, a great job on the 5. great show today, you were missing something. >> yes, my little friend. >> when you view the relationship between primarily the "new york times" with president obama, the -- >> if you think just two months ago, the media was furious that the administration would dare investigate a reporter that was doing who job. in case the media was so mad, that the "new york times" wrote a scathing article about it. they just ask them all sorts of nice things. it kind of read like the conversations i imagine they have. but it's actually on tape. >> i just think it's beautiful to keep a relationship so fresh for so long. they can just spice it up every year. it's a beautiful marriage. >> they could write a self help book on how to stay married. >> what was his name, robert putnam? an amazing moment between the press and the president. >> it probably says more about me than it does about them. the reporter says you know, robert put familinam.
to authorize it. so former george w. bush speechwriter added that this closes an intelligence gap that made the 9/11 attacks possible. anyway, prefer to focus on this. by the way, i meant to say nsa, not tsa. and the person who made that mess take on the prompter is now going to be punished at my apartment. so he says when terrorists succeed -- if this nsa program is taken away, the answer will be it's your fault. that sounds like something you would say. >> yeah. i would say that. i am so tired of both sides of the aisle the more ons that we e sending to washington. i'm going to make some hay off of it. and the great washington game, that they never like to actually talk about is that the congressman and the senators get briefed in on programs constantly. and they always know about these things. it's not as if this is the first time they've heard about the nsa programs. and then the pact that they have, is that when something is expressed in the press they run to the podium and express outrage, demand answers when knowing the whole time what's going on. >> we just don't wecare, do we? >> w
policy or as tucker was saying us they hate us, they always have. it's not because of george bush. it's not because of our policy. it's because they are homicidal maniacs. they want to kill children. >> tucker: personal style. they thought bush was dumb. that's why they attacked us. it was so false from day one. >> alisyn: meanwhile, we do have other news to get to. here are your headlines. we have brand new information on that multi-state. >> salad was served in olive garden and red lobster restaurant. health officials are still trying to determine if the salad mix is responsible for the outbreak in the other 14 states. and it could be his last home run for a very long time. alex rodriguez smacking a homer during a rehab game last night in new jersey. reports until he has enemy tomorrow to announce a deal with major league suspension on doping and connections to doping clinic. mlb is considering a lifetime ban if a rod doesn't cop a deal. he sure sounds like someone expecting to place next week. >> are you confident that you are going to be in chicago? >> yeah. yep. unless i get hit
president george w. bush 2002. before being the administrator of the faa, she was the acting and deputy administrator of the federal highway administration. she was the logan airport, in boston, manager. she currently heads the u.s. public-private partnership at jpmorgan. most importantly, she is a past chairman of the bipartisan policy board of directors, and continues to be a board member with us. in 1997, when you first took over faa, the agency was spending about $9 billion. shortly before you arrived, the agency estimated you would need $10 billion annually to meet growing passenger usage, and protecting the safety of the flying public. as i recall, the budget resolutions that year were only going to provide about $7.5 billion, a $2.5 billion gap. further complicating your job as you are coming in, and assessment of the agency was mandated by 1996, the agency reauthorization act. and it concluded, and i quote, the faa had no system to account for its cost, and managers could generally not manage money properly. simply stated, how did you successfully transform the faa while managin
for george w. bush in the first administration. so he says that that this can result in ships to africa and then he says, of course, that the market conditions are where the trade is made. so let me show you this video. we have 750,000 people and these companies are pouring their investment dollars into china. this is an executive is taking us on a two or and listen to what he has to say about why the ipod is made where it is. let's play the audio. >> we are going to try to run this video again. >> we are talking about the free market. is that the free-market? now. if you do business with the mafia, we have laws against that for good reason. frankly i advocate laws that shift our economic relationship. we get taken advantage of in my free-market friends say that american consumers benefit and it's true. so how long does this last? will i have to pay to protect the environment from this? then it gets shipped off to china. so what do the chinese get? get a factory in productive capacity. billions of dollars in american capital. i don't think so. we are trying to get over are our very naÏ
heard laura bush tell us that one of the great comfort she can provide for george w. bush was try to lift his spirits during the war. mary todd, lincoln would joke and say that the toddes needed two d's and god needed one. it was a strange marriage from the get go. they were political partner.s. abe lincoln was one of the few men that respected that mary todd had a political opinion. when it came to judging his political enemies and men, she was right. they had that in common. they both also lost their mothers at a young age. there was some things that helped them stay together. lot of these marriage, the roosevelts, lincolns and clintons. marriage and child rearing all of this is difficult enough, of course not for me, but other things. it's difficult enough but imagine doing it in a fish bowl. mary todd is raising little children. bill clinton with the way rush limbaugh and the other people went after clinton and the bush people getting attacked for other teenagers does. some presidential marriages, some of them seem to blossom in the white house. the reagans, some of their happ
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16 (some duplicates have been removed)